Why is it needed to Boost Instagram Likes and to what Extent

According to statistics, celebrities often use the Instagram promotion services likes boost or paid promotion to get likes on instagram. Apart from likes, they regularly boost followers’ number as well. This combination has 2 main reasons. Satisfying their vanity, when millions of people follow the page and put hundreds of thousands of likes.


  • Advanced page
  • Show business
  • Commercial interest
  • Contests
  • Principles of boost
  • Benefits of boost services
  • Conclusion

Instagram likes boost help to achieve several goals:

  1. popularity and recognition;
  2. commerce;
  3. contests.

Advanced page

Famous people feel their importance for others and feel confidence. Boost will allow you to increase Instagram engagement. There are cases of corporate use of boost. This type of promotion in social networks allows to pay back the advertising costs and to bring not only popularity to the company, but also to make money on advertising.

Show business

Many experts believe that due to the huge number of likes in social networks one can significantly increase the flow of followers. This allows to be in trends of social networks regularly. Contemporary life requires from celebrities of show business not only to have expensive jewelry and cars, but also an eye-catching Instagram page.

Commercial interest

Secondary goals are commercial in their nature. Advertisers often offer to place ads at the popular accounts. And the more followers and likes, the more expensive will be the cost. Experienced advertisers can immediately see if the channel or page have been boosted or not. Inexperienced advertisers often resort to boost services, and they have little interest to the potential target audience, the main criteria is its significant number. In their own way, the number of likes mean the number of people who can buy something.


The third goal is participation in contests. Winning such a contest will directly depend on the number of likes. Therefore, people often use boost services.

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Principles of boost

Often, Instagram likes boost 100 involves the use of special programmed bots. Robots have accounts created automatically by special software. They were created during the mass registrations. Software independently registers millions of email addresses and creates accounts in social networks. In future, they independently work with these accounts and manage them. The operator only has to choose the order of actions – to follow the page or put likes.

Most services are protected from automatic registration of accounts. They have a specialized ‘captcha’. But here the developers have also managed to use services for registration where real people enter and solve captcha at the computer with Internet access.

Benefits of boost services

The presented software starts following users, puts likes and leaves simple comments underneath photos and discussions. The system is created for the effective promotion through social networks and other mass services. Ultimately, the desired results are achieved, and the costs are insignificant.

Among the main advantages of the services there are:

  1. fast likes and followers boost;
  2. minimum financial investments;
  3. a huge number of ‘live audience’;
  4. the ability to attract real followers;
  5. fame and popularity.


The age of advanced technologies offers a great number of tools, profitable both in price and in quality of implementation to the users of the worldwide network. These tools are used by different people, from businessmen to celebrities and ordinary people who wish to raise their page status in front of their acquaintances and friends. Therefore, choosing a type of Instagram promotion does not take much time and effort.