Types and Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

Increasingly, people are resorting to the use of advertising from Facebook. It is one of the most effective ways to promote products or online services. Thanks to it, you can attract a lot of leads, using a certain budget. And we are talking not only about how to get more followers on Facebook, but also about the full-fledged PR of any product.


  • Types of advertising campaigns by goals
  • Awareness
  • Leads
  • Conversion
  • Benefits of advertising on Facebook

Types of advertising campaigns by goals

Facebook campaigns are divided by 3 goals: awareness, leads and conversions. They must be selected during the setup of the advertising campaign in order to get the most out of advertising. Let’s consider each goal separately:


The goal helps to increase the brand awareness or product, as well as to tell about it to the potential customers. Such an advertising campaign implies maximum coverage. It is configured for the existing real buyers, people similar to them, or for the individually selected audience.

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This orientation of the advertising campaign can motivate people to perform some actions. The term “actions” can be understood as visiting the site, watching a video, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading and installing an application, or showing activity, for example, gaining 1000 likes on Facebook.


If the goal of an advertising campaign is to convert customers into potential buyers, it is worth choosing “Conversion”. Advertising will directly motivate people to buy goods or install the application.

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Benefits of advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising has several significant advantages that are not inferior to many other platforms:

  • The Facebook system does not transmit user data to which the advertiser wants to target advertising. The algorithm for displaying ads is based on a unique scheme and information is collected by generating statistics. The system remembers what pages the user visits most often, what actions he performs revealing interest in a particular industry.
  • Wide audience reach. Ads will show not only on Facebook, but also on the services belonging to the company (Instagram, Messenger, etc.)
  • Exact target. Facebook allows to target a specific audience most accurately. You can set options so that the ad is shown only to the visitors to your site, followers of the business group or Instagram users. If there is no targeted audience, then you can set the necessary parameters by specifying the gender, age, interests of users who are interested.
  • Saving money. The price for placing an ad is not linked to places and keywords. The cost of advertising will depend on the audience and the chosen niche. Very often, advertising on Facebook is cheaper than the ordinary contextual one.
  • Detailed statistics. Facebook provides detailed statistics for each advertising campaign. If you wish, you cannot even make a deep analysis, and charge the case to the system so that it automatically optimizes costs. All what is needed is to specify a certain budget, and Facebook itself will analyze which ad group is the most effective. It will also start redirecting funds to it, disabling the most unfavorable creatives.
  • Easy setup. The service offers an easy access interface where even the most inexperienced user can set up the ad. Switching to the “Instant Campaign Creation” mode, there will be a detailed description under each function. It is very difficult to make a mistake.

It is worth trying targeted ads from Facebook, if contextual advertising does not give the desired results. After a while, you will see which type of ad is more efficient for you.