Step-by-step Setting up of Targeted Advertising on Facebook

More often people who would like to promote their products or service, resort to placing ads on Facebook. The site has all means for setting up an advertisement and target it to a potential audience. Advertising helps not only to find followers on Facebook, but also increase traffic, brand loyalty, etc. The available interface helps to set up the advertising campaign with no problems in a few minutes, however, new users often have problems with it.


  • Registration in Business Manager
  • Creating an ad
  • Goal selection and general settings
  • Setting up an ad group and selecting audience
  • Placement and budget
  • Final setup

Registration in Business Manager

To start targeted advertising, create an account in Business Manager. For this, visit the website and register by filling in all the fields with the relevant data.

If you already have a Facebook profile, you can simplify the steps. In the upper right corner of the page, click on the arrow and select the “Advertise on Facebook” item.

On the next page, it only remains to click on “Create a page”, and you will be prompted to choose a category of advertising campaign. It is important to make your choice according to what you are going to advertise:

  • Company or brand. This category is suitable for those who would like to promote their product or brand.
  • Community and public person. It is worth choosing it when it is planned to increase involvement and coverage of your group, organization, etc. For example, if you want to gain 50 Facebook likes on the page, this direction will work well.

Once you have decided on the category, click “Start”, fill in the offered fields and choose “Continue”.

When account creation is completed and you get to its home page, it remains only to go to the Ads Manager. Under the header there are three points, click on them, and then click on the “Ads manager”. After these actions, you will get to the advertising office.

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Creating an ad

To create the first ad click on the green button “Create”

After clicking, a window will pop up, where you will need to select a campaign creation mode. Select “Instant Campaign Creation” by clicking on the “Prompt Mode” button. This will help not to get confused in the process.

Goal selection and general settings

Hints will help you choose a goal. Just hover over any target and see the “i” icon next to the name. If you hover over it, a hint will appear, indicating what each setting is for.

Further settings of the advertising campaign will be similar, regardless of the selected goal. After selecting, move down, give the name to the campaign and include the necessary functions:

  • Create a split test. It is included in order to understand what strategies show the best result.
  • Budget optimization. Allows the most efficient use of funds, distributing them into the most effective groups of ads.

At the beginning, it is recommended to choose “Budget Optimization”.

Click “Set up advertising account”, and you will be transferred to a page with a choice of currency, country and time zone. Select everything you need and get to the ad group settings page.

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Setting up an ad group and selecting audience

In the “Traffic” column you will need to choose where to send the main traffic – to the site, application, Instagram or Messenger. It is also recommended to enable the “Offers” feature in order to offer users discounts, thereby motivating them to perform targeted actions.

Next, set up the audience who will see the ads. You can specify all the desired criteria (age, gender, interests), there is also an opportunity to take an individual audience using your own sources. Hints in the advertising office will help to gather such people.

Placement and budget

Placements can be selected both automatically and edited. In the first case, there will be the maximum coverage, and in the second the limited one. To begin with, it is recommended to use the automatic option.

In the “Budget and Schedule” block, it remains to choose how to show ads (constantly or at a certain time) and what will be considered as a criterion for optimizing the display. After all the actions performed, just click on the “Continue” button.

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Final setup

On the next page, select the type of an ad, upload an image (in the case of dynamic ads, upload up to 10 images) or a video. Specify the link where people will get after clicking on the ad. Select the appropriate call to action button and click “Publish”. The ad can be on moderation from 1 hour to 2 days. After confirmation, it remains only to replenish the account and start advertising.

As you understand, everything is accessible and understandable. In each setting there are tips that will help not to get confused. Facebook advertising is a great tool for business. It will help to promote a product or brand effectively and at low cost.