Instagram Travel Blog: A Great Way To Make Money

The popularity of Instagram continues to grow every day. This social network is used by users all over the world who would like to learn how to get more followers on Instagram free. In the app you can post photos and videos, write texts, share interesting moments from your life. But some users earn on Instagram successfully. Earnings occur in many ways, but most often these are based on advertising posts. There are different blogging options on this social network. Travel bloggers on Instagram lately are no less popular than pages of famous personalities.


  • Creating a personal blog on Instagram
  • Travel blog tips on Instagram
  • What posts to publish on Instagram
  • Ways to increase an Instagram blog activity

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Creating a personal blog on Instagram

To organize a steady income on Instagram, you need to publish interesting posts and high-quality and original photos or videos. If this is the page where you share travel Instagram tips with followers, it is advisable to use photos from your own trips to different countries. Of course, you can use materials from the Internet. But there are a huge number of such pages, and followers are interested in looking at original photos and reading copyright texts.

Travel blog tips on Instagram

In order for the page to be actively developed in a short time, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules. Experienced bloggers are advised to work on the account constantly, and not once a week or less often. You can join various groups that also tell about travels and look for like-minded people there. You should leave comments on posts of other users, thereby inviting them to your page. But comments should not resemble spam, otherwise you can get an account block. It’s important that the travel blog on Instagram is original, not standard, like most users have. You need to come up with your own style of publishing posts, and upload photos only of excellent quality with an interesting perspective.

What posts to publish on Instagram

If you decide to make money on the social network using the traveler’s blog, you can tell your followers about the places you have visited. You can start the post with the historical moments of this city or country, and then talk about your personal feelings after visiting this place. It is important to write in an interesting and vibrant language, without the use of complex sentences and phrases. The length of the text on Instagram is limited, and it is better to put all your thoughts in one post, and not continue in the comments, as some bloggers do. It is not recommended to write on Instagram information copied from the Internet. And if, nevertheless, it was decided to talk about those places where you personally have not been yet, there is no need to hide this from your followers. It is better to share your thoughts that you would like to visit this place, after which you should continue the story about this city or country.

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Ways to increase an Instagram blog activity

Advertising agents offer cooperation only to those users who have a large number of followers, views of posts and likes to them. Therefore, you should increase the public before counting on stable earnings. In addition to writing interesting and eye-catching posts, as well as uploading the high-quality photos, you should use other options for promoting your account. Some bloggers use free apps to increase the number of followers and likes. But this requires a lot of time, which is better to devote to writing an interesting post and shooting original photos or stories.

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You can use the specialized services to promote your account on social networks. For example, the All-SMM service will help to quickly increase the number of followers at a bargain price. Specialists know how to increase the activity of an account on Instagram so that the administration of this social network do not block it.

Instagram is a great opportunity not only to share your thoughts and impressions, but also to earn money. Travel bloggers who publish fascinating posts earn good money and are popular not only in the virtual world, but also in the real one. And each user chooses the way how to promote their account themselves.