How to promote on Instagram

One way of promoting your Instagram account and posts will be keeping your bio short and simple. Use your bio description to describe what you do on your page or work. You can also add your website to your bio if that helps to clarify what you’re doing on your page/business. If you have a slogan or brand then It’s also recommended to add it to your bio.


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Buy views on Instagram 

There are sellers out there who sell Instagram views for money and some are suggesting it to make your help your page get more famous. Find a seller who you can trust and let the promotion on your videos start.

Instagram video views

Using your other social media accounts to tell your friends about your posts may increase the traffic on your Instagram videos. Tweeting a link or sharing the photo on Facebook will send more people to your post/video.

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How to get views on Instagram

There are plently views to get more views on Instagram. One is to be more active on your Instagram stories. Instagram stories appear on the Instagram explore page, which means that people that don’t even follow can still find and watch your stories. When people like your story then you might get a notification that you got new followers. It will help you and you will have a higher percentage that you will receive new viewers to your page and that’s what we want right?


You hopefully know that there are many hashtags on Instagram and you should know that more related hashtags are better than no related ones. Now if you know this then let’s take these hashtags and search them on Instagram. Instagram should give you suggested hashtags that are similar. Look through them and find other related hashtags which are better for your page. Simple and easy but always remember to not use too many hashtags per post, it might damage the search results for your page.

We really hope any of these ways helped you!