How many Instagram Followers are needed to Start Making Money

The opportunities open to the Instagram account owner today are almost infinite. Smart approach and considering trends will allow to bring your account to the number of relevant pages and start making money on it! But how many followers are needed for this? And is it enough to develop your account so that every day you get 100 Instagram followers, gradually increasing the number? Or is it better to provide the faster growth?


  • Quantity and quality
  • For advertisers
  • For promoting business
  • For contests
  • Followers boost – main ways

Quantity and quality

If you need to promote your account, it is easier and faster to do this using popular Instagram promotion services or by ordering promotion from freelancers working in the field of SMM. But you can earn money only if the ‘real’ users are included into the audience. Is it worth ordering bots followers boost? Experts say that this can be done for adding ‘solidity’ to the account – then ‘real’ followers will join more willingly. The optimal number of bots can be chosen taking into consideration that the number of followers has boosted to about 10,000. Then you can attract people, not fake pages. Although sponsors, advertisers and potential customers will not only look at this indicator but will take into account small details…

For advertisers

Companies planning to order advertising often look not only at the number of followers, but also at the activity of the audience. Because users should take part in the life of the account, actively leaving their likes and comments. That is what will allow advertising posts to get a wider coverage later.

When it goes about the number of followers, advertising offers are most likely to be not received by those having 1000 Instagram followers. They will pay attention to you after 5,000 or more followers. And if earlier the advertisers had offers for the top bloggers mostly, today they are looking for users with lower ratings, but more affordable prices. So, for every 10,000 followers they pay 500-5000 rubles depending on the type of content. Accordingly, for 20,000 followers they will have to pay twice more. Promotional video usually costs more than a post or a mentioning in stories.

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For business promotion

The type of target audience is important here. You must determine followers of what age, gender, profession, interests you need. It all depends on the specifics of the company itself. For example, for an online cosmetics store account with 30,000 people is not enough, but for a company producing rolled metal products it is more than OK!

Also what is important is the geography of coverage. In the business sphere, the accounts with most followers living in St. Petersburg and Moscow are valued, because the audience there is solvent.

For contests

If you are planning to participate in contests, where the person with the biggest number of likes or reposts can get prizes, it is also important to work on getting Instagram famous. Pay attention to users aged 18-35 who are most active in social networks. By the number of restrictions there is no, but it’s best to start at 10,000. And you don’t need bots, so you can only boost up followers by mutual following, and also constantly work on the content so that you can be read with numerous likes and reposts.

Followers boost – main ways

Finally, let’s talk about the effective techniques for increasing followers:

  1. following using paid services;
  2. independent regular development of the account, publishing posts and stories every day;
  3. coverage of provocative, relevant, acute topics with hastags, geolocation, tagging users involved into the subject;
  4. ordering advertising from bloggers;
  5. sponsorship in contests.

Most top bloggers today do not even think to gain an audience in a natural way – it takes so long and is inefficient. Paid methods allow to move in the rankings faster. If you have Instagram just for fun, you do not need it. But if you want to make your page a business tool, then it is worth investing in it not only efforts, but also money. Any business will develop due to the competent investment – make sure yourself!